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NutAvant HP Fibra

The difference is in the flavor

Normocaloric and high-protein diet with fiber.

  • Indicated for

    • High-protein, normocaloric complete formula with fiber to be administered orally or by enteral tube feeding.
    • Indicated for malnourished or at nutritional risk patients with high protein requirements who need to benefit from the input fiber: learn more
  • Nutritional characteristics

    The standard dose (1.610ml/day) provides 98g of proteins, 189g of carbohydrates, 61.6g of fats, 25.9g of fiber, 1.736 kcal. and covers 100% of the RDA of vitamins and minerals.

  • Packaging and flavors:

    • 28 bottles of 230ml.
    • Vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate and cappuccino.

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