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GelAvant Thermo

Transmits a relaxing sensation of heat in the area of application thanks to its exclusive formula with 30% pure Aloe Vera Aloveria®, Orobal and Menthol. Recommended for sprains, tendinitis, muscular pain, impacts, bruises, arthritis, arthrosis and podiatry. Components of GelAvant Thermo:

  • - Pure Aloe Vera – Aloveria®: Originates from ecological cultivations. Its exclusive method of processing maintains all of the components from the plant. It is not subject to changes in temperature, drying, lyophilisation or other processes that may alter the structure or composition of the plant.
  • - Menthol: Thanks to its hot-cold effect, it helps to relieve surface tension and discomfort with pain.
  • - Orobal.

Use: Apply 3 times a day to the affected area until it is completely absorbed. Ideal for prolonged treatments.

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