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    • 5 JUNE, 2018

    Nutrition Evaluation Tool

    • 1.     To download the app:

              Android: Herramienta de Evaluación Nutricional —> HEN (Carmina Wanden-Berghe)
              iOs: HEN-online

      2.     Register:

      Once you have downloaded the application, you need to register by entering an email address and password.

      3.     Patient’s assessment:

      Adding patients: Data will be encoded with an identifier to comply with Data Protection Laws.

      3a. Nutritional screening:

      With data regarding weight, height, IMC, recent weight loss and current intake the application can determine if the patient is at nutritional risk. If that is the case, a nutritional assessment is carried out. If no nutritional risk is detected, the patient will be reviewed regularly depending on his or her evolution.

      3b. Assessment

      Data regarding albumin, total proteins, lymphocytes and cholesterol can be included in the application. With all these parameters, the app would provide a result in terms of the type of malnutrition and the degree.

      3c. Calculating total calorie requirements

      Pathologies and the level of activity is taken into account.

      3d. Recommendations/Suggested nutritional approach

      The application takes into account if the patient is able to feed by mouth, if there are alterations in chewing and/or swallowing and the percentage of requirements that the patient covers with his or her natural intake. Once the nutritional assessment has been carried out, data can be saved. A CSV can be generated automatically and sent to the email address used for registration. Then the file can be exported to EXCEL to view the patient’s evaluation and his or her evolution.