Benefits of taking Cartilavant

Cartilavant is a food supplement specifically designed to help reinforce joints, prevent damage to cartilage and reduce pain and swelling.

Large proportions of athletes suffer from joint swelling or have joint related injuries during their sports career. The parts of the body that are affected the most may vary depending on the kind of sport they practise.

In the case of tennis or paddle tennis, elbows and shoulders tend to give quite a lot of trouble whereas knee injuries are more common in runners. In fact, the knee is one of the joints that withstand the most pressure when we practise an impact sport along with repetitive movements like in running.

It is said that we exert force from between 2 to 4 times our body weight with each step we take. So the technique used is essential in avoiding injuries in sport.

We can also come across alterations or biomechanical problems that produce anomalies in the way we step or in the correct alignment of our legs which can often turn into injuries to the cartilage in knee caps.

This cartilage deterioration is common in athletes and professionals that exert physical strength at work. The cartilage can soften or break creating cracks or breaks in the tissue that can affect the bone under it, which may even develop into arthrosis.

Cartilavant has a combination of active ingredients, vitamins and minerals to protect your joints from future injuries. If these symptoms have already appeared, Cartilavant will reduce the swelling and pain, it will also slow down oxidative damage and cartilage deterioration and all this with just one daily intake of Cartilavant diluted in water or orange juice.

How much easier can it be to fully protect your joints and cartilages?