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VitAvant Plus ®

VitAvant Plus is a food supplement made with essentials vitamins and minerals which complement your normal diet.

VitAvant Plus offers you the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function, boosting your vitality and making you feel good while supporting your immune system and protecting you from oxidative damage. It is recommended in cases of unbalanced or insufficient nutrition, physical fatigue, lack of appetite, and intense intellectual or physical effort.

It is free of ingredients which affect sleep.

Tabla de Composición de VitAvant Plus

VitAvant Plus®

Blister pack of 30 capsules
(C.N. 151683.1)

Indicaciones VitAvant Plus

VitAvant Plus®

We recommend taking one capsule of VitAvant Plus per day with liquid (water or juice). It may be taken at certain times of the year or all year round, without cycling.

VitAvant Plus has been scientifically formulated according to the latest nutrition standards to help complement the daily diet of adults and children over 6.

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